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360° Video: Capture everything around you in beautiful 5.8K 360° video and compose the perfectly framed shot after the fact. Simply press record and Rylo's dual 208° wide-angle lenses combine to give you full 360° coverage. Create a regular HD video by selecting a traditionally-framed view within the 360° footage, or share a fully immersive video in 5.8K 360°.

Breakthrough Stabilization: With breakthrough stabilization and horizon leveling automatically built in, Rylo makes your videos look like they were shot on a professional stabilization rig — no matter the conditions.
One-tap Editing Tools: The Rylo app makes creating a video worth sharing easier than ever. Select your video and use simple one-tap editing tools to create something you're proud of in minutes.

Included in box: Rylo, 16GB microSD card, rechargeable battery, protective pouch, charge cable, iPhone sync cable

  • Everyday Case: Compact carrying case makes it easy to capture video when you're on the move. Ergnomic grip includes a hidden 1/4" mount to attach Rylo to tripods or other camera equipment. Remove camera case from handle to connect with compatible mounts.
  • Protective Pouch: Protect and store Rylo on-the-go. The pouch's micro-fiber interior doubles as a cleaning cloth to help remove dust, fingerprints, and other debris from lenses.
  • Cable and Rechargeable Battery: Instantly transfer videos and photos to the Rylo app with the iPhone Sync Cable. Power Rylo with the Charge Cable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • 16GB microSD Card: Capture approx. 35 minutes of video or 5000 photos. Expand storage up to 256GB with compatible cards.